What is done to your Antique radio or car radio:

We service all tube-type radios, car and automobile radios, antique televisions (pre 1960) table and console models, gramophones and amplifiers.

We check and replace all defective or weak tubes, capacitors and resistors. All paper capacitors and electrolytic capacitors are replaced.

All controls and switches are cleaned, all moving parts are lubricated.

Radio is aligned for best signal performance using very accurate signal generator.

Pilot ligts are replaced, old wiring is inspected and replaced if rubber insolation is failing.

Voltages are checked and brought to specification levels according to service literature.

Cabinet and dial glass is cleaned, worn out power cord is replaced.

Repaired product is bench tested for 1 day, just to make sure all circuits works and there is no problem with components heating or overheating.

Fuses are installed in the sets which do not have any to protect circuits from damages. Complete and a free estimate is issued before work starts.

Every replaced, defective part is returned to customer on request.

All new parts are hidden, while old parts are kept in place above the chassis in order not to change appearance or antiquity of your set.

We professionally restore and refinish cabinets and replace speaker grille cloth, replace or recone speakers.