This is how this 1934 Roger Majestic cabinet looked when I got it. Painted with several coats of white oil paint: cabinet, knobs, grill, the whole thing. It was given to a new bride by her husband in 1934 and later painted to match bedroom color. When she died 65 years later, her now 85 year old husband remarried and sold this painted "beauty" for $25.00 as is.

One week later cabinet was stripped, washed and restored, all paper and electrolytic capacitors replaced, and the radio was aligned. This only 5 tube AM radio can pull stations from 100 miles away with just a 10 foot piece of wire used as an antenna with no difficulties, which my latest solid state receiver cannot do! It is using tube 6A7s in RF & oscilator stage, 88s in 1st IF, 6B7s as a 2nd IF and detector, # 41s is an output tube and # 80 is used as a rectifier.

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