Parts available

Call me at (705) 723-5333 or e-mail me at with your requests, we might have what you need. If not, I will direct you to the source. Please try our links page for tubes, capacitors, schematics...

We now have brand new solid state vibrators to replace old mechanical ones in your car radios. Here is the list of most common ones used, there are other types available, some on special order (takes about 10 days to get) PLEASE NOTE : Before you replace vibrator, make sure that there are no shorts in your radio and buffer and high voltage capacitors are replaced. If not, you will be buying another vibrator again.

I also make custom vibrators, depending on type or car used in, usually priced around $65.00, undestructable. It is custom made for your radio specifications. I should have your radio here to fit it in and to test it. It is much better quality, can take abuse and it is rated high current. Lifetime warranty! This vibrator is not sold alone, it is tested in your radio.

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