Here you will find some of the most common questions our customer would ask:

How much it will cost me to repair my antique radio?

The price would depend on severity of the problems your radio has:

How much is my radio and what is the value of my set?

The value of your radio depends on several factors. First one is the shape your radio is in. Second factor is the make and model number or your radio. (if you could provide this information, I would be able to look it up in latest price guides) (This informatios is FREE to those who would ask.) The third and the most important factor is : Is your radio restored completely (cabinet and electronic) or does it work a bit, sometimes maybe? For example : I have, I think 1940 Zenith console radio Model 12S345, no sound, hums only, "magic eye" does not light up green, cabinet is in excellent condition.

When you want to e-mail me, make sure you have your e-mail correct. I will answer all e-mails within 24 hrs. If you DID NOT get repply, YOUR e-mail address WAS WRONG !

From this and some other questions I should be able to give you an approximate price. The best way would be to e-mail us or call at (705) 723-5333. All estimates are free of charge and no deposit is required before the repair.

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